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A Glimpse into the High-End Escort Industry of London: Standards and Expectations

Filed in Escort | Posted by admin on February 6, 2024

A Glimpse into the High-End Escort Industry of London: Standards and Expectations

London, as the capital of England and United Kingdom, is an energetic metropolis brimming with people, ideas and frenetic energy. As Western Europe’s largest city with an estimated population of 8 million residents, London serves as a center for art and business and has become one of the world’s most visited cities. London is famed for its cosmopolitan nightlife and many visitors take advantage of one of London high-class escort services to enjoy romantic evenings out.

London does not permit street prostitution, yet many sex workers provide their services from private apartments. Some even make house calls or hotel room visits! In London alone there are over twenty escort agencies employing girls from high class to exotic – most are Eastern European. Additionally there are dozens of massage parlors offering both erotica and nuru massage services.

Escort has long been part of London’s social landscape, evidenced by its many brothels and sex businesses operating throughout the city. One enterprising pimp even published an extremely successful directory in 17th-century Covent Garden of physical characteristics of prostitutes who could be found there at that time. Today there are over 1000 illegal brothels operating illegally; most run by Mafia while others operate in areas like Soho or Covent Garden District and advertise via newspapers, the Internet or stickers placed on city walls or phone booths.

As well as hundreds of sex workers operating within the city, over 50 strip clubs exist within it as well. These establishments provide various forms of erotic services including stage shows and pole dancing performances. You’ll find these clubs all throughout the city and their services cater to varying clienteles.

The UK is generally welcoming of sexual workers, making London an attractive location for escorts to work safely and legally. Some of the highest-profile London escorts, however, tend to find London alluring because it provides ample opportunity for making good living as well as offering exciting alternative lifestyles to what their home countries may provide. As a result, London boasts fierce competition between escorts.

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