The Story About Nina’s Print Career

Most of the porn models have only been around for just a few years now. They have found a foundation that was already laid down for them by Nina and her mates who joined the industry many years ago. Wondering when Nina started working in the porn industry? I have an answer for you. Believe it or not, as young as Sabrina looks, she has been working in the porn industry since 1990s. There is much she did in 90s that she still holds so dear to date. This explains one of the reasons why her career is well versed and her work is enjoyed by many.

Don’t envy Nina when you see her account having millions of followers in a span of less than a year. It has not happened by magic, she worked hard in it and this is only a product of her work. In 1990s, when very few people were ready or confident enough to give the porn industry a chance, Sabrina decided to venture into it. Her main focus was on nothing else except the print industry. She was a model and tried the best she could to be featured as a cover model on most of the magazines.

Her Success

After some time, what she always dreamt about became a reality and she was able to get several contracts. The first print contract she received was in 1994 and it was named New Look Magazine-France. The cover was Oliver Stone Editorial the November 1994 editorial. In the same month, she was featured on the New Rave, Layout-Centerfold. New Rave loved how work and the following year, in June of 1995, she was featured on the Layout-Centerfold. This made Nina a proud model considering she was just starting out.


Many times, the moment you hear about a porn model being on cover photo of different magazines, you might be interested to know whether your favorite magazine is also part of the list. To know all these, visit her account. Sabrina appreciates every work she does and she never forgets. Therefore, she will never forget the magazines that introduced her to the modeling world.

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